Class by Mail Week 2

I am going to offer a class by mail. I will post the 5 cards for class. You have until Friday

night at midnight to reply. To start off with I am only offering the class to a minimum of eight people. After I get moved in and settled I will be able to offer it to more people. Within 3 days of payment I will mail the packets. I will email a PDF with directions. Some cards are self explanatory, while others need some explaining. I am going to try and make a video of any new techniques or provide a link to a YouTube video which will help

So what will you get in your packet? All the cardstock, ribbon, etc to make 5 cards and envelopes. I can’t stamp pieces but you will be able to look through your collection and find something that will work. I will punch out and do all the Big Shot pieces for you. Plus an added bonus a goodie bag which will contain something Stampin Up. The cost will be 15.00 which includes shipping. If you would like me to make the cards for you the cost for you would be 20.00 and free shipping. You can pay by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. It is just a secure way to pay.

So now for ticket info. For every class you purchase you will receive a virtual ticket. For 10 tickets you get 10.00 off a class.

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